Reghan J. Hill’s research group

Reghan J. Hill

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Colloids for Advanced Materials (2002-2012)

B.E. Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Auckland

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

Winter 2014 office hour: Monday 2-3 pm

Department of Chemical Engineering

McGill University

Room 4280 Wong Building

3610 University Street

Montreal, Quebec

H3A 0C5


Tel.: 514.398.6897

Fax: 514.398.6678

E-mail: reghandothillatmcgilldotca

Microhydrodynamic & electrokinetic phenomena; polymer-inorganic nanocomposites; hydrogel nanocomposites; nano-particle gel electrophoresis; electrophoresis of fuzzy colloidal particles; electrical microrheology of hydrogels & hydrogel nanocomposites; electroacoustics & dielectric spectroscopy; nonlinear hydrodynamics in porous media; computational fluid dynamics and lattice-Boltzmann simulation