Reghan J. Hill’s research group

Reghan J. Hill

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Colloids for Advanced Materials (2002-2012)

B.E. Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Auckland

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Cornell University

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

Department of Chemical Engineering

McGill University

Room 4280 Wong Building

3610 University Street

Montreal, Quebec

H3A 0C5


Tel.: 514.398.6897

Fax: 514.398.6678

E-mail: reghandothillatmcgilldotca

Microhydrodynamic & electrokinetic phenomena; polymer-inorganic nanocomposites; hydrogel nanocomposites; nano-particle gel electrophoresis; electrophoresis of fuzzy colloidal particles; electrical microrheology of hydrogels & hydrogel nanocomposites; electroacoustics & dielectric spectroscopy; nonlinear hydrodynamics in porous media; computational fluid dynamics and lattice-Boltzmann simulation