Dr Morteza Taherinejad (MITACS Accelerate Post-doctoral Intern)

Amir Sina Nassirian (Ph.D. direct candidate, McGill Engineering Doctoral Scholar)

Tom Crouzal (Ph.D. candidate, Prof. D. Baker’s group, Earth and Planetary Sciences)

Juan Sebastian Lopez Castro (MSc candidate)

Jacob Miller (Summer Undergraduate Research Assistant, SURE program)

Mohammed Skaik (Summer Undergraduate Research Assistant, SURE program)


Fatemeh Mozafarighoraba (visiting Doctoral Scholar)

Mingjun Xu (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Noah Casatotto (SURE/NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant Scholar)

Jessica Wu (M.Eng., 2022, Eugene Ulmer Lamothe scholar) Laponite® Nanoparticle Doped Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels. Natural Resources Canada.

Wunmi Odunola (Ph.D., 2022, National Universities Commission scholar) A rheological assessment of polyacrylamide-based solutions and hydrogels filled with silica nanoparticles.

Adel Al-Amodi (Ph.D., 2022) Hydrogel Supported Phospholipid Bilayer Vesicles.

Sahar Jafari (Ph.D. candidate, 2021-2022).

Gbolahan Afuwape (Ph.D., 2021, National Universities Commission scholar) Nanoemulsion-hydrogel composites: Electro-kinetic dynamics, viscoelastic and swelling responses.

Mikhail Morunov (M.Eng., 2016-2020) Probing Interfacial Properties Of Oil-Field Pickering Emulsions From Refinery Desalters. Thesis addendum.

Jean-Christophe Goulet (M.Eng., 2019, Eugene Ulmer Lamothe scholar) Molecular dynamics simulation and modelling of polymer-nanoparticle associations.

Cong Du (Ph.D., 2018) Complementary-DNA-strand cross-linked polyacrylamide hydrogels.

Luc Hudon (B.Eng., research assistant) Process Design E.I.T. at Imperial Oil.

Liji Le (M.Eng., 2017, Eugene Ulmer Lamothe scholar). Numerical calculation of gel electrophoretic mobility for "soft" spherical nanoparticles.

Marziye Mirbagheri (Ph.D., 2017) Computational and experimental studies of diffusion in porous media with interactions between the continuous and interfacial phases.

Vahid  Adibnia (Ph.D., 2017) Electroacoustic and rheological characterization of hydrogel nanocomposites. Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Dalhousie University.

Gbolahan Afuwape (M.Eng., 2015, National Universities Commission scholar).

Majid Soleimani (Ph.D., 2015) Theoretical, numerical, and experimental modelling of wood-fibres lumen collapse driven by capillary forces as an elasto-capillary phenomenon. Post-doc, McGill University, Research Scientist at Mirametrix Inc.

Nitsorn Wongsajjathiti (Undergraduate research assistant, 2015) Frontend Engineer, Hangr + The Coding Bull.

Amir Akbari (Ph.D., 2015) Wood-fibre collapse upon drying. Post-doc, MIT.

Jessie Zhang (Undergraduate research assistant, 2014).

Nitsorn Wongsajjathiti (Undergraduate research assistant, 2014).

Mohammad Taghavi (NSERC Banting and McGill Tomlinson post-doctoral scholar,2013-2014). Professor University of Laval.

Amir Sheikhi (Ph.D., 2014) Colloidal particle-hydrogel interfacial interactions. Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University.

Fei Li (Ph.D., 2014) Nanoparticle gel electrophoresis. Post-doc, HKUST, Assistant Professor Tianjin University, Research Scientist BASF.

Chih-Ying Wang (Ph.D., 2014) Diffusion in hydrogel-supported lipid bilayer membranes. Post-doc, Cranfield University. Project coordinator at FG LA LLC.

Leila Jowkar-Deris (Ph.D. candidate 2010-2014).

Salman Safari-Mohsenabad (Ph.D. candidate 2011-2014).

Cong Du (M.Eng., 2013) Iridescent paper-based polymerized colloidal crystal arrays for molecular sensing. Ph.D. candidate, McGill University.

Ahmad Mohaddespour (Ph.D., 2013) Granular polymer nanocomposites (Assistant Professor, Amirkabir University).

Bashar Albaalbaki (Postdoc, 2010-2013) Analytical and finite-element modeling of water-vapor transport in nanoporous media. Petro-Geotech Inc., Calgary.

Liping Bai (Ph.D., 2012, with Prof. D. Baker, Earth and Planetary Sciences) In-situ studies on crystal-free and crystal bearing Stromboli basalts: Implications for Stromboli volcano eruptions. Postdoctoral fellow, UQAC.

Shehla Arif (Postdoc, 2010-2011) Electrical stimulation of nanoparticle doped hydrogels. Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University.

Aliasghar Mohammadi (Ph.D., 2011) Dynamics of colloidal inclusions in hydrogels. Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology.

Huai-Ying Zhang (Ph.D., 2010) Lipopolymer diffusion and electrophoresis in supported lipid bilayer membranes. Post-doc, Dartmouth College. Assistant Professor Carnegie-Mellon University.

Mohan Li (M.Eng., 2010) Paper-based polymerized colloidal crystal arrays. Research associate at FPInnovations, Montreal; Director at Singshine Silocones.

Jan van Heiningen (Ph.D., 2010) Optical tweezers electrophoresis with applications to micro-fluidic velocimetry, nano-tube bending mechanics, and polymer adsorption dynamics. FPInnovations, Vancouver. 3vGeomatics.

Bin (Jimmy) Huang (Ph.D., 2010, with T.G.M. van de Ven, Chemistry) Dispersions and films of stabilized multilayered polymer nanotubes. Post-doc, University of Minnesota. R&D Engineer, Hewlett-Packard, California.

Luca Manfredi (M.Eng., 2010, with T.G.M. van de Ven, Chemistry) Factors and kinetics affecting platelet doublet formation in shear flow.

Savnit Raj Gulati (M.Eng. project) Silica nano-particle dispersions.

Mu Wang (M.Eng., 2008) On the electric-field-induced responses of charged spherical colloids in uncharged hydrogels and the anomalous bulk viscosity of polymer-nanocomposite melts. Fluor, Vancouver. Ph.D. candidate, Caltech. Research Scientist, Procter & Gamble.

Agatha Poraj-Kozminski (M.Eng., 2005, with T.G.M. van de Ven, Chemistry) Alkyl ketene dimer and precipitated calcium carbonate interactions in wet-end papermaking. US EPA. UOP Honeywell, IL. Poyry, Montreal.